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Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik (KJPP) Dino Farid and Partners were established in 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The establishment of the office is in accordance with the Minister of Finance’s decision regarding “Business License of the Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik Dino Farid and Partners” with license number 2.19.0164. KJPP Dino Farid and Partners were originally the personal KJPP with the name “KJPP Dino Suharianto” (since 2017) and turned into alliance KJPP with the name “KJPP Dino Suharianto and Partners” (2019). We are registered in Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (Financial Services Authority) for activities in Capital Market and Non-Bank Finance Industry.

Experts Experience

KJPP Dino Suharianto and Partners have experience in various fields of property valuation and consultation. The objects that have been handled by our team of experts are as follows:

• Super Block / Mixed Use
• Mall
• Hotel
• Villa / Resort
• Offices
• Apartment
• Housing
• Shop and office
• Restaurants
• Industry
• Institutional
• Recreational

• Plantation
• Transportation
• Office equipment
• Heavy equipment
• Irrigation Equipment
• Factory
• Warehouse
• Engine
• Vacant land
• Private Island
• Consultation Services

Our Vision and Mission

To be professional, reliable, dynamic and innovative.


  • Providing superior, objective, independent and qualified services.
  • Developing and optimizing information technology supports in improving the effectiveness and quality of services.
  • Increasing the institutional capacity by implementing the application of good organizational governance principles which is supported by integrated professional human resource.



The work process for providing professional opinion is based on the valuer competence in estimating the economic value of a particular object in accordance with the Standar Penilai Indonesia (SPI).

Highest and Best Use

Determination of the type of use that produces the maximum property value from various development alternatives.

Feasibility Study

Work that compares the cost incurred with the economic benefits of an object. If the cost exceed the benefits, the project is not feasible. Conversely, if the economic beneffits exceed the cost incurred, then the project is said to be feasible.


Enviromental analysis related to supply and demend, for the type of property in a particular region. Marketability Study

Marketability Study

Marketing studies relate to more specific types of product in a predetermined market. The data obtained in the form of selling or rental prices, product details, market absorbtion, and others.

Other Services

Property Development Consultation Design of asset information systems Property agent services Supervision of project financing Asset optimalization studies

Why Choose Us?


Act by prioritizing honesty, objectiveness, trustworthiness, impartiality and full responsibility towards the task provider, report users and all other related parties.


All Human Resources of KJPP Dino Farid and Partners have the requirements to carry out appraisal, and are equipped with knowledge both soft skills and hard skills from other related associations and institutions. Always update your knowledge and knowledge and actively participate in activities that can increase your insight and experience regarding appraisal and other services.


KJPP Dino Farid and Partners upholds the laws and regulations that apply wherever they carry out appraisal and other services, is professional, and can maintain the confidentiality of all stakeholders.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Dino Farid & Rekan Property Valuation and Consultant nearest to you






Should our service prove to be of interest, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements and propose meaningful solutions.

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